The NURTuRE biobank has the potential to unlock answers to some of the biggest questions about chronic kidney disease (CKD) and nephrotic syndrome (NS).

If you are a patient with either late-stage CKD or NS at one of the participating renal units, you may be offered the opportunity to take part in the NURTuRE biobank study. If you haven’t yet been approached, and you are interested in participating, please ask the doctor or nurse at your renal unit.

The NURTuRE-CKD cohort will involve 3,000 people from kidney clinics in England, Scotland and Wales. Researchers will look at disease progression in people with CKD. In some people, kidney function deteriorates more quickly than in others and researchers aim to investigate risk factors that may help us to predict which people with CKD will go on to develop serious kidney problems or disorders of the heart and arteries. This will allow us to reassure those people who are at low risk, sparing them from unnecessary treatment and to provide appropriate monitoring and treatment for those at higher risk.

The NURTuRE-NS cohort will involve over 800 adults and children with NS. Researchers will look at how the disease actually affects the kidney and whether this is the same in every patient, as well as looking at genetic factors. The aim is to increase medical knowledge about this disease and help provide better treatment for NS in the future.